"Banker’s Etiquette", 1775
"The first rule of business is to protect your investment"

Road Map

Road map v.1.1 Future versions of the road map will only improve the investment appeal of the project
First phase
The Metaverse "Anarchyworld" is a unique project in which different collections of different themes will be united by a common style.
The first phase includes:
Creators reserve the right to 30% extra-mint.
Cryptoanarchists are a collection of 250 unique handmade avatars.
Cyberanarchists are a collection of 100 avatars that more vividly reveal characters.
"Emergence of metaverse"
One super rare gold will be added for each type of head.
Only 24 gold heads.
All main collection holders will be added to the White List until the launch of GENESIS and will have a free mint feature equal to the basic collection on the purse!
-Since CryptoAnarchists and CyberAnarchists are not yet sold out, we decided to add all new owners to WL, which will give a free MINT GENESIS. This also applies to the secondary market.
All CryptoAnarchists and CyberAnarchists owners will receive an AirDrop of 1 GENESIS Anarchist per wallet for every thousand GENESIS sold.
● 5 people, you get 1 random AirDrop to your wallet
● 4 zombies, you get 1 random AirDrop into your wallet
● 3 skeletons, you get 1 random AirDrop to your wallet
AirDrop will be made after every thousand GENESIS are sold*
Launch the Genesis collection of 10K unique PFP!
The power of the generative project will be used to support the community #NFT! Contests and generous #giveaways
More than 350 elements including textures. The collection includes:
Gradation of rarity.
Phase Two :
Creation of collaborations with 1/1 artists and photographers as well as with PFP starting projects!
Anarchists will help artists become popular and earn money!
● Men
● Women
● Zombies
● Skeletons
If you have a cool pfp Anarchist in your wallet, wait for its older 3D version!
Creating full 3D avatars for all CyberAnarchist and CryptoAnarchist owners!
Development of unique avatars will start after the sale of 25% of Genesis.
Retry stage
"Conquest of the Earth!"
After implementation of 50% Genesis our development team updates the site.
The site will contain profiles of all heroes of the collections Cyberanarchists and Cryptoanarchists!
When connecting a wallet, the collector gets an extended functionality:
● file to create a 3D model
● high resolution file
● etc...
Fourth stage
"Technical strengthening and decentralization"
Creating your own metaverse!
After developing our metaverse, we will be able to transfer all the collections of Cyberanarchists and Cryptoanarchists to our site and add IPFS to the blockchain so that you will never lose your attachments!
"The way home!"
Stage Five
The rest should be...
P.S: The road map will be updated and supplemented by various novelties and bonuses! Be with us and you will win!
Warren Buffett
Someone IS Sitting In The Shade Today Because Someone Planted A Tree A Long Time Ago.

Thanks for your faith and support!

See you in the metaverse!
Store your Crypto in our Anarchists!